October 24, 2020

Glue. Without it, there would be no segmenting. So it's crucial.

We all have our preferences but I'll share mine. My go-to glue for probably the last five years has been Gorilla wood glue. Its consistency and color are just right for me. But it isn't waterproof like Titebond III. The work I produce falls into two categories: decorative, and food-safe. White collar and blue collar! Until recently, I used Gorilla glue for decorative pieces and Titebond III for my food-safe pieces, but I got tired of having to buy two, and for some reason I can't find Gorilla glue in gallon containers.

If you decide to use Gorilla glue, make sure it's the wood glue, not the polyurethane version. The poly version requires water/moisture to activate, and it swells after activation, definitely a no-go for me.

Titebond glue, generally, is good glue, glue that we all use daily, so you can't go wrong with it. Its consistency, in my opinion, is not as thick as Gorilla, but being able to use it for ALL projects in my shop makes it a clear winner...almost. I'm always on the prowl for better products and equipment, so if a better choice comes along, I'll give it a try!