Welcome to GB Bowlworks

GB Bowlworks, LLC, is a woodturning business based in Oklahoma, owned and operated by me, Greg Bloxom. I make segmented bowls and vessels. These pieces, rather than turned from one large piece of wood, are made from many "segments." The individual segments are then glued together to form rings with varying diameters which are then stacked and glued together to form a segmented turning blank, ready to be mounted on the lathe and finished. The beauty of segmented turning is the ability to use various species of hardwood, combining them into intricate patterns and shapes, resulting in a piece that will complement your home or business. I use no stains, dyes, paint or coloring of any kind; the color you see is the natural color of each species of hardwood used. The gallery below has a few of the past and present pieces out of my studio. Current inventory is available for purchase on the Store page. Questions? Feel free to send a message on the Contact page. I'm also on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!