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"I have a passion for wood, what lies beneath the bark. I love its color, its smell, its texture, but most of all its potential."

Greg Bloxom is an award winning segmented woodturner from Jenks, Oklahoma who, from a young age, has had an interest in anything dealing with wood.  At two years old his favorite toy was an old 2x4 board and a box of nails and hammer.  He learned woodworking and carpentry from watching and working with his dad who instilled in him an interest in using his hands to build and create.  In 1976 as a high school freshman Greg enrolled in woodshop class at Jenks High School under the watchful eye of J.D. Newland who taught him the right way to use tools, and over the next four years woodworking soon became his passion.  Greg began woodturning as a young adult and then discovered segmented turning and a spark was lit.  Greg has participated in many art shows around the country.  He believes in showcasing the true color and beauty of each type of hardwood he uses, using no dyes, paints, stains, or coloring of any kind. His ability to blend hardwood species, both domestic and exotic, has enabled him to create intricate and beautiful segmented wood art pieces that have sold to people around the world.